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I wanted to say JLP’s attention to detail, patience, and help has benefited both of my daughters. Kelsey was able to increase her test scores by learning some valuable tips about taking tests as well as learning some new skills to include in her study habits . Kelsey was accepted into The University of Florida -her first choice school!  Mallory was not  driven and really didn’t like school, and she was able to give anyone a presentation as to why school had pretty much been a waste of time  all these years.  Jamie from JLP viewed this as a challenge and calmly told her the facts about the responsibility of staying the course and doing her personal  best to take education seriously in order to achieve a particular future lifestyle. She explained the importance of surviving and excelling in this complexly competitive world.  Mallory was able to raise her test scores beyond the requirements for her first choice school which was Florida State. Since her GPA was not quite enough, she will be deferred for one semester, but because of her test scores, the admissions office was able to see her true capabilities as a student.

Thank you, Jamie, for everything!

Virginia Brown

I am thrilled to recommend the services of JLP Education Services.  My daughter had difficulties achieving the SAT and ACT scores necessary for acceptance into Florida colleges.  She has always struggled with math and I knew she would need additional help to maximize her test scores.  Fortunately, through a web posting, I came across JLP Services. I reached out to the Director, Jamie Sirianni, by phone.  Jamie returned my call within the hour (pretty impressive in the world of texts) and listened to my story and my concerns.  Jamie spent time asking me questions about my daughter and her study habits in an effort to craft tutoring sessions for her needs.  Jamie has helped my daughter immensely by giving her honest feedback in her sessions to help her realize the impact these test scores will have on her future.  My daughter has gotten a dose of reality and understands how competitive it is to be accepted into good colleges and universities.  This has inspired her to listen and remain focused when on her studies. Jamie and her team are committed to helping students learn and gain confidence in their abilities as they prepare for the next chapter of their educational goals.

Thanks JLP… keep up the amazing service you all provide!


Yolanda Alter

Hi, my name is Ashlee Shimmel. Before I started with JLP Education Services, my PSAT scores were below average. I knew that my SAT scores would be a major part of getting into the college of my dreams. My friend told me about how she received one-on-one tutoring. I asked her if it actually helped her scores, and she said yes. She told me about how much they improved from the PSAT to her final SAT, so I decided to try this one-on-one training. I have taken 12 hours of training and I already saw results when I took the practice PSAT. I would recommend this service to anyone who is serious about improving their SAT or ACT scores.

Ashlee Schimmel, Miami Country Day School, Class of 2011

Hello, my name is Steven Castillo. I had decent PSAT scores before I took classes and my SAT score was about average. After a few sessions with JLP Education Services, I had remarkable improvement and scored more than enough to get a full scholarship to my dream college. The time I spent studying and doing the prep-assignments I was given by my tutor not only affected my ACT scores, but they improved my skills as a student all around.  I’ve told every person who has asked me for help with SAT or ACT prep to give JLP Education Services a try because I feel it’s the best out there.

Steven Castillo, Michael Krop High School, Class of 2009

I would like to thank JLP Education Services very much for tutoring me throughout my junior and senior years of high school. My scores on the SAT raised extremely high from the first time I took the PSAT. The strategies that JLP uses towards the SAT help you succeed and improve your SAT scores. I would also like to thank Jamie very much for always caring about me and making sure that I have what is needed to succeed. She has been very patient and helpful throughout the process and it has given me self-confidence. I would recommend JLP Education Services to everyone because it really does help a lot and gives you exactly what you are looking for to improve!

Patricia Pratt-Perez, Miami Country Day School, Class of 2010



“Complete the math section in what we call waves. Unlike the SAT, the ACT math section DOES NOT have a clear Order Of Difficulty. Since there is no clear OOD, the ACT could have easy problems towards the end of the section and scattered throughout the middle. Since this is the case, a student should go from 1-60 answering the easy ones first. Once they reach 60, the return to #1 and answer the medium ones, until number 60 again. Once they hit the 3rd wave, they asses how much time they have left and either attempt to answer the hard ones or guess. – Jamie Puntumkhul-Sirianni, JLP Education Services, LLC”


When students struggle, it often turns out that they have missed key skills somewhere along the way, says Jamie [Sirianni], who founded a Miami-based tutoring company, JLP Education Services.

“If you have a 5th grader who is having a hard time with fractions, we go back two grade levels and comb through their existing skills,” says [Sirianni]. “When we see where there was a problem, we stop and help them master that skill. It’s like a physical with a doctor to make sure everything is OK.”

SchoolFamily.com Interview

Have your child think to the future. “As early as 8th grade, you can start taking your children on side-trips to different universities. This does not necessarily mean you will be locked in to any particular college or career, but it is always good to keep the end-goal in sight,” says Jamie [Sirianni] Program Director and Instructor for JLP Education Services, LLC.

SheKnows.com Interview

Don’t plan for your child to do his homework while the tutor is there. That’s not an effective use of the tutor’s time, and it makes it harder for your child to learn how to do his schoolwork without help, says Jamie [Sirianni] of Miami-based JLP Education Services.

Ask the tutor to leave notes for your child to review later. During tutoring sessions, tutors with JLP Education Services make notes on yellow paper when a child is having trouble with a particular concept, and the tutors leave the notes behind afterward. Whenever kids see the yellow paper, [Sirianni] says, they know it’s from the tutor. Ideally, students review those notes every day. This gives them great practice working on trouble concepts on their own.

Education.com Interview