Get Ready for the Last SAT of 2013

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There is only one more test date for the SAT Exam in 2013! We know that many of you feel nervous about the test, so JLP wants to remind you of some of our most important tips and tricks:

  1. Wake up early
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  3. Pack a snack
  4. Do some practice exercises (one short passage or a couple of math problems will suffice) while eating breakfast. This wakes your brain up!
  5. Make sure you have your pencils, calculators, ID, and ticket stub.
  6. Arrive early!
  7. For the Writing section, remember to use the JLP Perfect Essay template on your essay.
  8. For the grammar sections, study page 101 in your text and review your JLP grammar notes!
  9. In Critical Reading, remember to use all six steps when solving the sentence completions. You MUST use all steps in consecutive order for the strategy to work.
  10. Skip the short passage and go straight to the long passage.
  11. Solve the long passages using your steps. DO NOT forget to underline!
  12. For the Math section, do not forget there is an Order of Difficulty. Spend time on the easy/medium problems before you tackle the hard ones.
  13. Never leave anything blank in the grid-in section. You are not deducted points.
  14. Stay up-to-date on educational news and promotional products:

We hope that these tips are good reminders of all that you have learned in our SAT Prep programs. We wish all of our students luck!

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